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Boxed Chocolates & Special Collections
Gorant Chocolates Order your favorite boxed chocolates that you and your family have enjoyed for over 60 years. A masterful selection of flavors and textures; sure to delight your eyes and please your palate!

Boxed Chocolates Milk Chocolate Family Assortment
A delightful assortment of milk chocolate covered nuts, cremes, butter caramel, cherry cordials, meltaways, soft centers and a variety of other fillings.

Boxed Chocolates Dark Chocolate Covered Assortment
Rich, flavorable dark chocolate covers a variety of delicious gourmet centers, including cherry cordials, nuts, caramel, soft creme centers, meltaways and more.

Boxed Chocolates Assorted Cremes, Milk & Dark Chocolate
Soft, creamy centers of orange, cocoa, raspberry, butter, maple nut, vanilla and moist coconut covered in rich milk and dark chocolate.

Boxed Chocolates Milk & Dark Chocolate Family Assortment
Milk or dark chocolate covered cherry cordials, butter caramels, cremes, nuts, meltaways, soft centers and more.

Boxed Chocolates Nut Assortment, Milk Chocolate
Milk chocolate covered assortment of roasted almonds, crisp pecans, whole brazil nuts, roasted cashews and peanut clusters. A delight for the chocolate covered nuts!

Boxed Chocolates Assorted Truffles
A wide variety of milk and dark chocolate truffles with creamy, exotic flavors! This is a Special Occasion treat of MANY flavors.

Boxed Chocolates MIll Creek Assortment
Gourmet assortment of that will thrill your taste buds. A beautifully gold gift wrapped one pound box of a unique selection of English almond toffee, milk chocolate covered apricots, pecans, almonds, filbert truffles and cherry cordials. This selection is very popular with the gourmet assortment of milk & dark chocolates.

Boxed Chocolates Crispy, Nut & Chewy
An assortment of milk and dark chocolate covered butter caramels, nuts, honey almond nougatines and more!

Boxed Chocolates Cherry Cordials
Milk or dark chocolate covered plump, juicy, sweet cherries with rich, sensational flavor.

Boxed Chocolates French Mints
Velvety smooth milk or dark chocolate superbly blended with a cool refreshing mint. A customer favorite!

Boxed Chocolates Meltaways
Velvety smooth milk or dark chocolate blended with roasted almond slivers. This delight is a special Gorant recipe and a customer favorite!

Boxed Chocolates Peanut Butter Smoothies
Smooth, creamy peanut butter center covered in milk chocolate. Special recipe of peanut butter filling makes this treat extra special. Another popular favorite of customers!

Boxed Chocolates Pecan Tootles
Milk or dark chocolate covers creamy, buttery caramel and fresh, crisp pecans. Another customer favorite to savor!

Boxed Chocolates Cashew Deluxe
For the cashew lovers. Rich milk chocolate covered whole cashews, cashew clusters, cashew patties, caramel cashew tootles and cashew galores.